Africa is capable of winning World Cup – Infantino



Football governing body president, Gianni Infantino believes Africa id capable of winning in the World Cup.

The Swiss national says the continent has the talents to be able to produce the winner of the global tournament after several years of near misses by several African countries.

Infantino, who was interacting with Ghana’s president in a day visit to the country on Monday, recounted the several near misses for Africa at the World Cup which resulted in the continent being branded the future.

“I remember some of my fond memories about Africa football were the 1982 World Cup when Italy played Cameroon,” Infantino told Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo on Monday.

“And I remember since then, everyone was saying that Africa football was the future; in 1992, Africa was the future, in the 2000s, [it’s same].

“We have to make it to the present. We need to move from the ’future’ to the present.

“And we can come and move to the present only if we establish some facts. First, we have to recognize the contribution of African Football to world football.” He added.

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