Ashgold are in talks with Betway Company – Kudjoe Fiano



Chief Executive Officer of AshantiGold Football Club, Kudjoe Fianoo, has unfold the club is in talks with betting company Betway for a sponsorship deal.

Most clubs suffered last season due to the lack of the sponsorship in the league. Some club administrators threatened the FA to pull out of the league because they find it difficult to cater for the players.

Ashgold are desperate to land other sponsors in addition to their deal with Permafix to make the club a lot more financially viable.

The FA has promised to seal a sponsorship deal next season but individual clubs are also seeking for sponsorship for their clubs.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Fiano said, “We are still working on it. We’re still studying the contract and I believe that if we should get what we are asking for, that should be a big thing to talk about. I don’t know all the figures yet. Yes, figures have been mentioned in connection with the deal, but there are those who think the figures should be increased and vice-versa. If we get this over the line, the club’s appearance will surely see a new phase,” he stated.

He further revealed that companies are always welcome if they want to sponsor their cause.

“The club is up for investment. The club is up for partnerships. We have the Manchester’s handled by the Americans. If you go to Man City, the Arabs are there. We think that it is the way to go if you want to get to the top. If you rely on one organization for money when you have challenges, as we have seen with Anglogold Ashanti, then we will struggle. We are opening up and in the next couple of weeks, we will see a major rebranding of Ashgold Sporting Club,” he concluded.

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