Berlin FC Owner Accuses GFA for bullying them



Owner and President of Techiman Berlin FC, Nana Ameyaw Manu have accused the Ghana Football Association for not treating them fairly.

Berlin FC are in Zone One of the GN Division One League. According to the ruling of the FA’s ruling, Emmanuel Infalingu who is the goalkeeper for Berlin FC was banned and was unqualified to play against Bolga All Stars.

Berlin FC have been fined Two Thousand and Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢2,500.00) payable to the GFA, 50% of which shall be paid to Bolga All Stars FC within fourteen days and have been deducted three points in addition.

Berlin FC after 24 matches played and being deducted three points now finds themselves at the 8th position with 33 points.

“We are not happy with the ruling of the Ghana Football Association because they did not treat us fairly. The player they are accusing us for fielding him against Bolga All Stars was not an unqualified player because he was our player from last season.” Nana told Asempa Sports in an interview.

“In the 9th week of the first round, we played a match against Bolga All Stars and one of our players was shown red card.  We were leading them by a goal to nothing and they had corner kick in the extra but a player caught the ball and threw it into the post and the referee whistled for a goal. Our players were angry with the referee and they started insulting the referee and I must admit that.

Quizzed if he reported the case the Ghana Football Association, Nana said, “I reported the case to the FA and from there I did not hear anything from the FA. The second round have resumed and we are in the eighth week and the FA are now telling us that after several deliberations, the player have been suspended for one year and the club have been fined with some points being deducted meanwhile the player and the club was not served any notice.

“This player was with us since last season and he has played a lot of matches for us. For me it does not make sense because why should we field an unqualified player whiles we know that we will be in difficult situation when we are being caught. So clearly we are not happy with the decision of the FA.

He continued, “To be very truthful, I didn’t know anything about the protest the Bolga All Stars did. The FA did not serve the player and the club any notice. We checked the website of the FA and there was nothing there and the only thing we heard was that the player have been suspended and the team have been deducted some points so the FA have not been fair to us with this case. We had a letter from the FA last week Friday and they were asking us to come the their office because a team have protested against us and we had only three days to organize ourselves to send our defense but what we heard after, was that the FA deducted us some points so what we are going to do an appeal against that.

“The truth is that, we have been fearfully accused many times so I got angry and decided to finally stop doing football but some chiefs and some elderly people came to me and tell me not to quit but if the FA does not do things appropriately, we will take them on because I have lost some huge amount of money in football so if they don’t do things right, I know what to do but I will still continue to play the league.

“Sometimes I feel that they think some of us don’t know much about football so they can decide whatever they want for us because during matches some of my players are harshly shown cards and I pay huge sum of money to the FA as a source of punishment but still the FA are still punishing us but in all this, people have been advising me not to quit but if this attitude does not stop we know what to do.” Nana concluded.

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