Black Queens Humiliation is Embarrassing – Gifty Appiah



Former Ghana youth captain Gifty Appiah is of the view that Germany beating Black Queens by 11:0 is really embarrassing to our football and to our women’s team.

The Ghana Black Queens were dfeated by 11:0 in a friendly against the Germany Womens national team. The Germany Women’s team have qualified for the Brazil Olympics games coming up this year. The Germans were expecting a good test from the Black Queens but it was not so as they were expecting it.    

Gifty in an interview with Asempa Sports said, “I am a Ghanaian and I play football as well so obviously I will not be happy. I was happy with the results because losing by 11:0 at this age is something very unpleasant.

“The last time a had a call up into the Black Queens camp was with Coach Kuku Dadzie and it is about two years ago and since then I have not being at the camp since the appointment of Coach Yusif Basigi as the head coach of the team.

“I am not playing this season because later part of last season, I played for Boston in Sweden and when I returned back home, I wasn’t able to register with Migration Ladies. Even though the Swedish football is different because there is more of space and it is more of running.

“In the Swedish League, you can’t dribble that much but you dribble as you play and it is a bit physical and it involves a lot of running so it is very different in Sweden.

“My contract with them was just half a season because they had already played most the season but they didn’t have a striker so they weren’t scoring a lot if goals so they needed me to come and lead their attack for them and even after playing the half of the season, they were really in a bad position on the league table but it was in my contract that, I will stay when the team get a good position in the league but at the end of the season, we were relegated and so that clause in the contract made me not to extend my contract with them.” Gifty concluded.

Gifty was the captain of the Black Princesses squad that won the Academicals Games by beating host Nigeria in the finals under Coach John Eshun.

She graduated from the Robert Morrison University in 2010 where she studied Business Administration.

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