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I was not visited by Women in the USA- Hon. Pius Enam

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister; Pius Enam Hadzide; has refuted claims surrounding him that, he enjoyed himself with women during the Black Stars tour in the United States of America last week.
The Minister in correcting what has been in the media said, some people paid him a visit while he was with the Black Stars in the U.S but they were not specifically women. “the only group that visited me was the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Executives in Connecticut. Their mission was that, they have heard of the arrival of the Black Stars with the Sports Minister and that, intend pay them a visit which I introduced them to some people as the leaders of the party; I see nothing wrong with this.” He explained.
HoHon. Hadziden. Pius further established the fact that, in disseminating a hear-say information without cross-checking or calling the alleged person to prove or disprove it, is a way of disrupting the integrity of that person. “when you hear an information somewhere and you go ahead disseminating it in such a bitterly manner by saying that I was visited by beautiful ladies, you create an impression in the minds of people that, I traveled purposely with the team to have fun with ladies. If you do this you destroy my reputation.” He said.
By: Wryta Amenyoh Raphael.

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