I will Rate Alhaji Raji’s Administration “Average” – Kojo Fianoo



President of Ghana League Clubs Association, Kojo Fianoo is of the view that he will rate former GHALCA president Alhaji Raji performance as “average”.

Alhaji was accused of not being able to manage the association very well and some also say that he was lacking the requisite to be the president of GHALCA.

Raji was able to bring in new ideas which some resulted in the GHALCA G6 but did not get enough attention due to poor marketing and preparation. He was accused together with a financial manager, George Amoako of borrowing $9,000 from the Ghana Football Association without the knowledge of other GHALCA members. The two were also unable to prove what the money was used for.

The executive council had to order an investigation into the matter, and insisted that the chairman and financial manager should step aside to allow for due process. Ahaji retired from his position after being office for two consecutive term.

Quizzed how will he rate Alhaji Raji’s performance, Fianoo said, “I will rate Alhaji Raji’s administration as average due to the circumstance we find ourselves in now.

Meanwhile, the fiction between the ministry of youth and sports and the Ghana Football Association (GFA) is very clear to the ordinary Ghanaian. It has been said many times by the FA’s President, Public Relations Officer of the FA and some members of the FA that there is fiction between these two parties which is not healthy for Ghana Football. There have been some instances where the minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye have been accused of not showing respect to the FA but the minister has consistently maintained that he doesn’t have any problem with anybody at the FA but his only problem is how things are being managed at the FA but the GHALCA president have advised both parties that, they should sit down and resolve any differences.

Quizzed if there is a fiction between the FA and the ministry of youth and sports, he said, “Personally, I have not seen anything like that but we should remember that accountability is very important but what I will is that, the FA and the Ministry should sit down and resolve their own differences.

“I had a similar problem with Ashgold but it was resolved so both parties should sit down and resolve their own issues.” Fianno told Songo in an interview on Adom TV’S Fire for Fire.

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