Insurance is better for our teams than regulations- Oduro Sarfo

Renowned Football Administrator; Nana Oduro Sarfo has stated that, team owners and administrators insuring their buses and players is better than the Football Association putting a regulation on transportation in Ghana.



Speaking on Joy FM, Nana said, most of the clubs in Ghana now have their personal buses and that, he do not see why companies should be contracted to give out buses for our teams.

According to the Football Administrator, even if the Football Association comes out with rules and regulations on how clubs in Ghana should travel, it does not mean there is not going to be accidents on our roads.

Oduro Sarfo further said; Clubs, Administrators, Government and the Football Association should look at the way forward by putting in place the appreciate measures that will help our clubs in case there is accident. “the companies that will supply the buses for our teams even have accidents in the morning, afternoon, evening and midnight.” He added.


*WrYta Amenyoh Raphael*

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