Kofi Manu Urges GFA to Market the League through the Use of Billboards and Posters



Chief Executive Officer of Techiman City, Kofi Manu is of the view that for the FA to get viewership in our league, they need to erect billboards and paste posters at public convenience places in other to attract more people to the stadium.

With no doubt the quality of the Ghana Premier league has sink for now and there is nothing attracting to people to watch. The headline sponsor of the league First Capital Plus pulled it sponsorship deal for the league.

From the beginning of the league, people had passion to watch the matches but the passion many had is no more because the league is not attractive anymore but Kofi Manu is of the view that the FA must adapt a new strategy by pasting posters at public convenience places and on billboards.

“What people don’t know is that, in the olden days every Thursday evening you will see us pasting posters on public convenience places so if anyone go there he or she will know which teams will be playing.” Kofi told Asempa Sports.

“If we say we are in a morden world and that is not acceptable why it that people drop notice on cars. Now why don’t they send it to market that thing on radio rather? It is another method of marketing things. If a church or any institution is organizing a program they print some notice and it really market their program and that is what people are doing and it really attract people because it is not everyone that listen to radio.

“I am not saying that radio is not necessary but what I am saying is that in those days we use posters and other means to market the league and we shouldn’t forget that you will pay on radio when you want to market the league. If radio stations want to market Techiman City league matches we pay each radio station GHC100.00 and if we are paying almost twenty radio stations what will be the total cost but the truth is that I don’t pay that money but it is Mickey Charles that always pay that money.

“If you go to car stations and drop that posters into cars can you imagine how far that marketing can go? For me let all start this strategy by printing posters and let all start dropping into cars and let see the number of people that will come to stadium. In the days gone by we walk to the stadiums with no marketing on radio. They were pasting posters on public convenience places and that was what worked for us.

“Let all radio stations say they will not market the league and let start with this strategy and they will come and beg us. Let us experiment this method and let see the outcome.” Kofi Manu added.

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