Kofi Manu’s Statement Is a Statement of Fact but is not Acceptable – Albert Commey



Chief Executive Officer of Aduana Stars, Albert Commey is of the view that Kofi Manu’s statement on urging the FA to market the league by using posters and billboards is his personal view but it is not acceptable.

Tuesday on Kumasi based Sika FM, the Chief Executive Officer of Techiman City was quizzed on why people have not developed the interest to watch the Ghana Premier League and what will be the way forward to market the league properly and what will be the role of the media in helping to market the league.

Kofi Manu said, “For me if we want to market the league properly we should develop an interest in doing posters and billboards to market the league because radio has not help to market the league properly.

“We should paste the posters on public convenience places and in cars as well because not everyone will listen to radio and I want to say we have done this before and it really worked for us so if the FA want to market the league let try this and see.”

This statement by Kofi Manu has generated a lot heated argument on why we should develop that strategy but Albert Commey believes that Kofi Manu has his right to express his views but such decisions will not be accepted.

Speaking to Asempa Sports, Albert said, “We all have different opinions but we still move on because things definitely will change and we have to seek the fastest way of achieving results.

“Kofi Manu said they have tried it before and it worked for them but what will help our audience is that let compare this era to the past days. I know there are different ways of marketing and promoting the league.

“If you are in football, you will definitely hear things that will surprise you but I don’t know the context he was speaking and to even market the league it depends on the geographical area you are. He has expressed his view and it is a statement of fact and it will not be accepted because that is his personal views.”

Adding his voice is veteran Sports Journalist, Owusu Bempah also agreed to Albert Commey’s thought on Kofi Manu’s idea of marketing the league.

Owusu Bempah said, “It is not a good statement made by Kofi Manu because his choice of words was bad because why should you say we should market the league through pasting posters on public convenience places and through billboards.

“If you compare the olden days, there were a lot of quality players that you enjoy watching them so if the matches are played on any day the supporters always love to watch them so he saying they used that methods is a lie.

“He has his own view and I believe he wasn’t influence by anybody but if the FA accept this suggestion by Kofi Manu then we have a long way to go in our football.”Owusu added.

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