Lack of record keeping has caused NSA debt – Former Sports Minister



Former Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye believes lack of record keeping has caused the huge debt for National Sports Authority.

National Sports Authority has been asked to pay GHC45, 000 to Litina Travel and Tours after failing reward them a contract they won legally in 2015 and have incurred a debt of $380, 000.

Spokesperson of National Sports Authority, Frederica Mensah Davis in an interview with Asempa FM disclosed that for NSA to pay all their debt, they will need a politician as their managing director who can help them to settle the debt of the association.

Two members of a procurement committee formed during the All Africa Games in 2015 have called for the sanction and surcharge of the former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Vincent Oppong Asamoah, and five others, for willfully violating the Procurement Act, 2002 and incurring a judgment debt of $380,000.

Litina Travel and Tours won a won the bidding to procure air tickets for the Ghanaian contingent travelling to the All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville in 2015.

The contract, however, was allegedly given to Africa Origins Travel and Tours despite serveral warnings from the procurement sub-committee and management of the National Sports Authority.

But the Member of Parliament for the people of Odododiodio believes this huge debt that has been incurred is due to lack of keeping records.

“When the issue came to me a Sports Minister, we went through all our documents and there no records of Litina having won a contract from the Ministry.” He told Asempa FM.

“There are no records to prove that so I asked my chief director to engage them to furnish the ministry with the records of that contract awarded for us to know it.

“There are so many of these debt and one of the things affecting the ministry is lack of legal representation and a lot of these cases that judgment has been given against the ministry is because the ministry does not have a legal representation. We don’t get the lawyers we require to find the case in court.

“With the difficulties that we were having and with some of these cases started as far back from 2007 to 2011 and documentation was a big problem so there are no records to that.” He added.

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