Malam Issah Applauds Sports Minister



Former Sports Minister Malam Yussif Issah has applauded Nii Lante Vanderpuye for his work so far as the Minister of Sports and said he would not have done any different.

Mr Vanderpuye, shortly after his appointment at the Ministry, vowed to stop the payment of honorarium to management members of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) during official matches of the Black Star. He also hinted at slashing winning bonuses for the senior national team as well as changing the way football is managed in Ghana.

Since then, he has been heavily criticized by some members of the FA, but speaking to Class Sports, Mr Isa applauded Mr Vanderpuye for his actions.

“I have not met Nii Lantey Vanderpuye since he was appointed Sports Minister, but with what I have heard in the media, I wouldn’t have done anything different if I were in his position. If Ghana is going to play a match against Egypt, all you have to do is google about Egypt, cost of hotel and all that and your information will be available. That is what Nii is trying to do and people are crying foul. I think he is on the right course.”

Mr. Issah served as a Minister in the NPP government while he was still a card-bearing member of the People’s National Convention (PNC). In the year 2001, he was convicted for causing financial loss to the state after misplacing $46,000 of state funds earmarked to pay bonuses of players of the senior national team who were on assignment in Sudan.

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