Medeama Wants to rob me – Tom Strand

Tom Strand

Tom Strand

Accra Great Olympics  head coach, Tom Marcus Christian Strand have made strong allegations against his former club medeama SC of robbing him.

He took to his facebook wall to allege his former club(Medeama SC) took his phone, passport, car and paid his own working permit. According to Tom Strand he was not paid whiles he was working with the

Earlier this year Medeama filed a case against Tom for breach of contract at the players status committee of the Ghana football Association, the Status committee ruled the case in favor of Medeama and ordered Tom Strand to 35 thousand cedis.

The Swedish trainer felt robbed by Medeama per the ruling from the status committee and said he has nothing to give Medeama.

Below is the unedited message on his facebook wall

How come medeama want me to pay them 35 thousand g cidis.
When I put all my effort and power to the club.
They even sell a lot of players after I left an got money.
Now am sitting in Accra with out one cidi.
I turned in my resignation letter 3 times to James esilfie the CEO of the club.
They took my phone, passport, car, no pay in time, I pay my own working permit, when we play some of matches they don’t let me do my work so how come this should count for me to pay 35 thousand.
Justice will prevail
God knows.


Report by: Mensah Ayartey

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