Nii Lante was in office to bully the GFA – Sannie Darra



Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Darra has jabbed the Youth and Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye insisting he was in office to bully the FA.

Since the Member of Parliament for the people of Odododiodio constituency came to office as the Sports Minister, there have been several accusations between both parties.

Mr. Vanderpuye slashed the winning bonus of the Black Stars from $10,000 to $8000. This decision by the Sports Minister wasn’t welcome by the FA.

After asking the management team of the Black Stars to justify why they should receive the same amount with the players, the management team refused to justify why they should receive the same amount as the players.

The minister further frizzed up the complimentary tickets given to the management members of the team. There were several exchanges between both parties’ rebuttals but the former BBC worker believes the former GBC worker only came to office to bully the GFA.

“The team will start camping on Wednesday but the coach will do his final monitoring in Europe before he arrives.” He told Asempa FM. “We are all hoping he will name his squad he arrives.

“When any country qualifies for any major tournament they starts their preparations ones they qualify but under the auspices of this current sports minister, things have been very bad and that is why we have refused to draw our own budget because if you do it and send it to the ministry before you realize the media are having a copy already so we have asked the ministry to do that job.

“As it stands I don’t know how much the players are receiving as winning bonus. Nii Lante was in office to bully the GFA and disgrace us and he can’t say that he has reduced the winning bonus of the team to $8000 because that is far from the truth.

“From day one he came to office as the sports minister, his main objective is to bully us and embarrass us.” He added.

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