Odartey Lamptey not happy with U-17 call ups.


Former National under 17 player and Football Administrator, Nii Odartey Lamptey has expressed his worries about the corruptive activities at the current National under 17 camp.


In an interview with Accra based radio station Atinka FM, Mr. Lamptey expressed his disappointment and disgust about the corruption at the national under 17 call ups



and he feels when you voice out you automatically becomes an enemy to the FA.
“sometimes when you talk, you become an enemy so I find it difficult to come out and it’s sad” he said.

According to Atinka FM the FA have signed a contract with Right to Dream Academy(RTD) to provide players for the National under 17 team and addressing the issue, Mr. Lamptey said the way and manner coaches scout for players into the national teams is not professional.
“how players are scouted and selected to our junior teams is unprofessional” he added.

According to revelations on Atinka FM the FA and Right to Dream Academy (RTD) have signed a contract to have some percentage of their players in the current National under 17 team and before a player will be given a chance or earn a call up have to sign contract with RTD.


Report by: Brent Kojo Amenuvor

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