Parliament Ready to Resolve FA and MOYS Differences – Kwadwo Baah Agyemang



A member of the parliamentary select committee on Youth and Sports, Hon. Kwadwo Baah Agyemang, has advised the Sports Ministry and the Ghana Football Association (GFA), to sit down and solve the ongoing impasse between them rather than accusing themselves media.

The Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the past months have shown clearly that there is rift between them. The Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpuye since his appointment as the Sports minister has canceled protocol fees, slashed the winning bonus of the Black Stars from $10, 000 to $8, 000. He also said publicly that he will not give out any complementary tickets to any FA member and have also canceled the winning bonus for management members of the Black Stars asking them to justify why they should be paid that whooping amount of money.

With these decisions taken by the Sports minister, members of the FA does not agree with the decision of the Sports Minister. The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Darra, branded the Minister as disrespectful because he did not consult the FA before he took some decisions. The President of the FA, Kwesi Nyantakyie confirmed that there is rift between the FA and the MOYS due to the media utterances of the Minister.

The latest impasse was when the Minister came out publicly to say that the FA demanded him to endorse something in other to aid the U-20 team to qualify of the African Youth Championship that will be staged in Zambia but he refused to do what the FA was demanding after a management member accused the minister for not helping the team to qualify.

The Asante Akyem North legislator gave the indication that the parliamentary Select Committee on Youth and Sports and the Chief of Staff could help bring an end to the crisis if called upon.

Speaking to Accra based Class FM, Kwadwo Baah said, “If you have an issue, it shouldn’t be in the media. That’s why we are managers and administrators; we solve our issues on the desk and not come out and be throwing our hands in despair as if there is no solution. If the FA has an issue with the Sports Ministry or the other way round, they can approach the Chief of Staff because he works on such issues every day, or better still, the Parliamentary Select Committee on Youth and Sports. That’s why we are there.

Mr. Agyemang disclosed that some members of the GFA were considering withdrawing from the various national teams as a result of the impasse, a situation he said could have dire consequences on the country’s football.

“I have been speaking with some members of the FA and can confirm that they are truly considering withdrawing their services from all the national teams. If we don’t take care, these petty issues will have a general effect on our football and may even affect our chances of qualifying for the World Cup in Russia in 2018,” he said.

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