Putting a gun on my head wouldn’t have stopped me from defending the FA- Sannie Darra to Nii Lante



Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Darra has taken another swipe at the outgoing Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye insisting that putting a gun on his head will not stop him from defending the FA.

The relationship between both parties has been described as the worse in many years. After taken the mantle from Mahama Ayariga as the Youth and Sports Minister, the Member of Parliament for the people of Odododiodio Constituency has taken some decisions which the FA didn’t really like his ideas.

The winning bonus for the management members of the team was frozen by Nii Lante asking the FA to justify why they should be paid the same amount as the players. After the Black Satellites failed to qualify for the Africa Youth Championship after the team was eliminated from the competition by Senegal, the former GBC worker revealed in an interview Adom TV’s Fire for Fire that the FA wanted him to do some norms but he refused.

The statement by the Sports Minister didn’t go down well with FA which they quickly debunked the statement made by him insisting they did what they need to do as an association.

After slashing the winning bonus of the Black Stars by 20%, Nii Lante an interview Asempa FM disclosed that the Ghana Premier League is not attractive and that is why they are not able to secure sponsorship.

In a statement released by the Premier League Board, they insisted that the Youth and Sports Minister is rather not helping the FA to secure sponsorships due to his utterances.

The GFA ahead of the 2017 World Cup qualifiers against Egypt in Alexandria, it was reported that the GFA have asked the Ministry of Youth and Sports to draw the budget for the match. This came as a mystery to the public but the FA stated the minister have been giving out information to the media and due to his behavior they are urging him to draw the budget for the team ahead of the clash.

Ahead of the AFCON, the GFA proposed a $5.8m as the teams budget for the tournament but the Sports Minister in an interview with Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on the AM Show on the JoyNews channel, he disclosed that they have slashed the proposed budget from $5.8m to .$3.4m.

After Nii Lante was described as a liar by the Spokesperson of the FA in an interview with Starr FM, the Sports Minister branded Sannie Darra as a disrespectful person. After this heated rebuttals, it was believed that the GFA Spokesperson have a personal problem with the Sports Minister.

But the former BBC worker says he does not have any personal problem with the sports minister and putting a gun on his head will not stop him from defending his outfit.

“I want to put it on record that whenever I speak, I do that on behalf of the Ghana Football Association and not on my own behalf.” He exclusively told Asempa FM.

“When the Sports Minister [Nii Lante Vanderpuye] took that aggressive posture towards the GFA, people were happy about that. Many people were happy when the FA was branded in different kinds of names but when you state the facts they brand you as a bad person with a bad attitude but it is never an attitude but it is the position of the Ghana Football Association and I will say that for a fact.

“When I speak to you, i speak to you as the GFA and I will say it as a matter of fact. It is not an issue with personalities. He the Sports Minister groomed me in Sports Journalism but there is difference between me in my personal capacity and the GFA Spokesperson.

“If there is something wrong we have said regardless of the respect I have for him I must say it but it is unfortunate that I am in this position as the FA’s Spokesperson. If I say the truth and the truth hurt, it unfortunate but the truth is always the truth.

“We have not attacked the Sports Minister in anyway but we will continue to speak the truth and if we have said anything contradictory he can point it to us. Personally I have got a responsibility of protecting the image of the FA.

“If the Sports Minister talks and it miscalculated information which will put the FA in a bad state, I am bound to respond to that statement and it will stop today. Even with a gun on my head, I wouldn’t have stopped defending the FA because I have a job which I have to do and I will carry it out with a military precision.” He emphasized.

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