PLB should be managed by private entity-Abdul Salam Yakubu

Running Football in Ghana is a charity work- Abdul Salam

The President of New Edubiase United; Abdul Salam Yakubu says that, engagement in a football business in Ghana yields no profit as a result of referees manipulations.



The football administrator in an interview on Happy FM, blamed Club Chairmen in Ghana; stating that, it is inappropriate after paying an affiliation fee, officiating fee, players bonuses and salaries without a sponsor and going ahead to pay huge sums of monies to referees for matches to be officiated in your favour which he also termed it as “nonsense”.

Abdul Salam further said, football administrators are working for the referees since the referees are the ones enjoying the fruits of the administrators labour. “since the administrators want to achieve success through Officiating, the referees will turn to benefit out of the hard work of these administrators.” He said.

On the other hand, the President explained that, bribery has become a problem in Ghana football because, most administrators after a good team preparation and expenses are unable to afford defeats; so their last resort turns out to be giving bribes to the officiating officials to officiate matches in their favour.

*Wryta Amenyoh Raphael*

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