Soccer Agents Defraud six Players.


Former Fair Points FC player; Reindolf Otu has recounted on how he has been denied justice by the police as a result of being made to pay over GHC6000 to some so called three football agents namely; Marcus Bortie, Tetteh Anan and Micheal Amo with the notion of being sent to Moldova and Croatia with other five players to play football.


Speaking on Sportsnite yesterday, the former Golden Boot Academy player said, Michael Amo; who was called later into the process by Marcus and Tetteh to lead them to Croatia,  ended them up in Lesotho with so many problems which he believes was a set up.
“when we got to the Airport in South Africa, we were detained for four days because our leader [Micheal Amo] owes them.”
“he told us that, we will make a transit at Lesotho to Croatia but when we got there [Lesotho], he said because of the delay in South Africa, the team we are supposed to sign for in Croatia, have ended their registration and that, we have to stay in Lesotho and signed for a second division club; which we did out of no option.”
“We were not fed properly and it was also winter time so the weather was very cold and we slept on bare floor with students mattress.”

The situation according to the player was terrible and difficult to bear so he tried to communicate with the agents but they refused.
“after sometime, I started chatting with the agents and they were not replying. I sent them several voice notes but they never responded. They refused to hand over my ITC to my mother in Ghana; saying that, I should come to Ghana myself for it.” He added.

Reindolf Otu in his speech explained how the Nungua police are trying to make the case a foolish one after being directed by Police personnels of Lesotho to file the case in Ghana.
“Lesotho Police gave me an official letter to come to Ghana and make a case in Ghana for myself and the many Ghanaians who are in the same situation in Lesotho as a result of the works of the same agents.”
“the Nungua Police are preventing me to reveal my evidence after arresting and freeing one of the agents; Marcus Bortie”.


*WrYta Amenyoh Raphael*

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