The Fiction between the FA and the Ministry Will Resolve Issues for Ghana Football – Abbey Pobi



Vociferous football administrator, Abbey Pobi is of the view that the fiction between the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports will resolve issues in Ghana football.

The Ghana Black Satellites failed to qualify for the African Youth Championship that will be held in Zambia next year after losing 3:2 on aggregate to Senegal on Friday.

The results came as a disappointment to the whole country. Many football enthusiast blamed the referee for not being fair to Ghana. The minister of youth and sports, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, in an interview with Patrick Osei Agyemang on Fire for Fire confirmed to that the FA approached him to do some certain things in other to ensure the qualification of the team but he told the FA that he will never endorse that.

In the time past, people have criticized the minister for not being fair to the FA but the minister has maintained his decision that he does not have problem with the FA but the only problem he has is the way things are being managed at the FA.

The President of the FA, the PRO and many management members of the FA have admitted that there is an awkward relationship between the FA and the ministry of youth and sports but the respected football administrator believes that the awkward relationship will help eradicates any problems in Ghana Football.

“The differences between the FA and the Ministry made us not qualify for the African Youth Championship that will be staged in Zambia because football is played with luck so if there are differences the qualification will be very difficult.” Pobi told Asempa Sports in an interview.

“On the other hand, for me the differences that has come out is very good because the FA has deceived us for some time now so with this I am very much happy. In the 2013, the budget for the AFCON tournament, we spent very huge and it took a journalist from Daily Graphic to do that expose and in that budget there were some protocols that really sound insane but the question is, will any football administrator pay that such amount of money as protocol? Pobi demanded.

“For me it is a good thing and it will settle things for Ghana Football and for me, Nii Lante Vanderpuye is really working hard for Ghana football.”

“In the time past, every sports minister who have been in office has really worked with the FA but Nii Lante has taken a decision that for him he has problem with the way things are being run at the FA and he has maintained that.

“These protocols are killing Ghana Football because we have sponsors like GNPC, Rice Master, PUMA and others who sponsor the Black Stars and other national teams so why should we prepare a budget and fix in protocol and submit it to the government to pay it. I totally disagree with that and it is a good thing Nii Lante has decided not to pay any protocols.

“Protocols are there but it doesn’t necessarily means that we should carry money and go and give it out just like that so the way things are going, I will like that fiction to be there in other to resolve issues in Ghana football.” Pobi added.

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