The Ministry of Youth and Sports owe the FA over a Billion – Osei Parmer



Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Ghana Football Association, Wilfred Osei Parmer has revealed that the ministry of youth and sports owes the Ghana Football Association over a billion cedis.

The Black Maidens have to prepare to for the Women’s U-17 FIFA World cup that will be staged in Jordan but the players have been asked to go back to their various homes because the FA does not have enough money to pre-finance the players.

Over the months, monitory issues have become issue between the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports since the appointment of Nii. Lante Vanderpuye as the Sports Minister.

Less than a month to start the world cup in Jordan, Parmer has pleaded to the various bodies to come to the aid of the team because the account of the FA is totally dry whiles the ministry also does not have money to sponsor the team.

“Things are not going on well because of the awkward relationship between the FA and the ministry of youth and sports. Effort are being made all the time because it not all the time that you will get money from the ministry so if you come out and say we even bought water for the team, it makes the FA look irresponsible.” Parmer told Asempa Sports in an interview.

“Members of the FA will not take it easy when such references are being made because for the past three years, the ministry has not refund our money back to us on whatever we inject into pre-financing the various teams. The team will be in camp and you will pay all the expenditure but the moment you ask for the money you don’t get it.

“It is so unfortunate that it has gotten to this level because the various Women National teams have to prepare but the account of the FA has dried up and it the FA pre-finance all the National teams camping allowance so if the FA is not having money, then naturally it will affect the preparations of the team.

He continued, “Going to the 2015 AFCON in Equatorial Guinea, it was the FA that pre-finance the team and after pre-financing the team we have not received our money form the ministry but people still claim it was the ministry that pre-financed the team.

“As it stands I don’t want to quote the exact money but the ministry owes the FA over a billion and they have to refund it to the FA because it is good for the FA because going to Mozambique, we were asked to pre-finance the team and it was about $50,000 and until now, that money has not being given to the FA so how do you get money to care for the other teams. The U-20 team went through the same difficulty but because of this same money issues so I am pleading to individuals to come to the aid of the team because it is not easy to pre-finance the team because when it come to the Women football the training and good preparation is what matters especially at the youth level.” Parmer added.

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