The Presence of the Military at Division One Stadia’s Will Help Stop Hooliganism – Coach Amissah



Head coach of Eilimina Sharks, Kobina Amissah is of the view that the FA should bring in military men to the Division One stadia’s in other to help stop hooliganism.

Coach Amissah has be a victim in this year’s GN Division One league after some supporters of Proud United beat him till he was hospitalized. Other stadia’s in the Division One have witnessed some shambolic beatings including our Women’s league.

Teams have threatened to pull out of the ongoing Division One due to hooliganism but Kobina Amissah has urged the FA to bring in military men to the stadia’s in other to stop hooliganism.

Speaking to Asempa Sports, Coach Amissah said, “I will suggest that for hooliganism to end at our various stadia’s, the military should be involved.

“The reason I am calling on the FA to involve the military is that, it seems Ghanaians are more afraid of the military men than the police men because the police men are friendly to us and they are not so hard on us. We see them in our localities so we are used to them and we feel like they are like us.

“But considering military men, you hardly see them in our localities so when we see them at our stadia’s we will definitely be careful because if I misbehave I will be beaten and with this mentality, it will help us a lot especially at the Division One stadia’s because when you go to the premier league stadia’s you don’t see what normally happen at the Division One stadia’s.

“In some of the Division One stadia’s, the inner perimeter are very weak to the extent that some supporters easily break into it so the presence of the military will help us very much even though the police are doing their best but they are not like the military so even a supporter is having a bad intention, immediately he sees the military he will drop he bad intention.” Coach Amissah added.

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