The Wrangling’s between the FA and the Ministry Is a big Disgrace – Nana Fitz



Vociferous and seasoned football administrator, Nana Fitz is of the view that the wrangling’s between the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a big disgrace to the Nation and he is therefore calling on the President to resolve these wrangling’s.

Since the appointment of Nii Lante Vanderpuye as the Sports Minister, there have been some several issues and the latest fiction was when the Sports minister said the local league is not attractive as it should be.

The Premier League Board issued a statement to rubbish the statement made by the minister and has generated a lot of controversies. The Spokesperson of the FA in several interviews confirmed that there is clear fiction between the FA and the Ministry due to some decisions taken by the Minister without the knowledge of the FA and his media utterances.

The decision to cancel protocol fess, slash the winning bonus of the Black Stars and the refusal to grant any management member of the Black Stars a complementary ticket to watch Black Stars matches and other statements being made by the minister, but the highly respected football administrator says the wrangling’s between both parties is unhealthy for our football and it a big disgrace.

“The wrangling’s between the ministry of youth and sports and the Ghana Football Association is very serious but I think what the minister said should not be condemned because I have said the same thing before and I was criticized.” Nana told Asempa Sports.

“Clearly there is a fiction between both parties which is very dangerous for our football because we have a qualifier coming up against Rwanda and the question is that what the FA doing about it? If care is not taken, this wrangling’s will result in a very big problem.

“When the minister came in, there was already a problem and the FA is not ready to allow the minister to resolve that fiction but I will urged both parties to sit and resolve their differences and I am calling on the president to take a step because it is a big disgrace to the country.” He emphasized.

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