Trust My Administration as the GHALCA Chairman – Kojo Fianoo tell Ghanaians



President of the Ghana League Club Association, Kojo Fianoo has revealed that he will not temper with any money within GHALCA but he will work harder for the association to redeem its image.

 Fianoo was elected as the president of GHALCA. He took over from Alhaji Raji who stayed in office for two consecutive terms. Less than three month in office, Fianoo has proven that he can head the association. He was able to organize the President Cup nationwide even without no money released by Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Speaking to Patrick Osei Agyemang on Adom TV’s Fire fir Fire, Fianoo said, “There are some things that need to be in proper place and before we can question the authorities, we have to put things in place properly.

“If you look at where some of our matches are being played, it is sometimes questionable. For me I will not compromise on anything and I thank God that since my appointment as the GHALCA Chairman, everything is going on smoothly and I want the right thing to be done all the time because when I am to say yes, I will definitely say it and when I am to say no, I will say no because I want to serve GHALCA very well.

He continued, “Being the GHALCA chairman, we are working behind closed doors to get sponsorship deal for the premier league because when you look at the club occupying the first position to the sixth position, all of them can play the top four tournament and we want to rebrand the top four tournament as well. I am not interested in any corruption activities and I can promise you that. Even though we did not get any money from the past administration.

“This is the first time we did not take any from ministry of youth and sports because it was obvious that the ministry was not having money so we have to go round and get money and organize the competition because we play it to honor our president. It was the first time the competition was played nationwide so the money that was involved was very huge but we stood on our toes and organize the competition.

“We will continue to maintain our harmonious relationship because I am not ready to offer anybody job whom that person doesn’t deserve and I don’t care who that person is. We are also working to make sure that the league is on television just like what did during the just ended president cup.” Fianoo added.

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