We didn’t vote Nyantakyi into office to win AFCON – Osei Parmer



Management Member of the Black Stars, Winfred Kwaku Osei Parma has rejected calls for Ghana Football Association boss Kwesi Nyantakyi to step down.

According to the owner and bankroller of Tema Youth FC, he believes people calling for the exit of Nyantakyi are ‘’unjustifiable” and should not be treated with any seriousness.

The experienced legal practitioner has been widely criticized by a mass number of people after the 2017 Nations Cup tournament following the Black Stars failure to win Ghana its fifth AFCON title in Gabon.

Many believes after being in office for eleven years as the president of the Ghana Football Association, it is time to quits his position as the president of the association.

Football fandoms in the country are planning to demonstrate against him but Parmer believes Nyantakyi has done nothing wrong and he will not resign.

“It’s not practicable because I don’t think we voted President Nyantakyi into office to win AFCON for us that is not the parameter we set for him. We only voted for him to develop Ghana Football so where from the call that he should vacate his position simply because the Black Stars failed to win the just ended Nation’s Cup trophy in Gabon.”  Parmer said.

“Are Ghanaians trying to tell us that all the qualified countries only went to Gabon to just participate at the tournament or they came to win for me I think every team came to win the cup and that is why Cameroon won because they had prepared well they took the right set hence emerging champions at the tournament at the expense of experienced Egyptians side.

“What exactly have Kwesi Nyantakyi done to resign from his presidency, after all he didn’t select players for the tournament so why would you force him to resign, It is either those advocating for his resignation have a motive or what we call prior motive or had a preconceived motive that should Ghana fail to win the AFCON he would be forced to resign.

He continued, “For me I will be highly disappointed in Kwesi Nyantakyi if he resigns because he has to be tough and be able to stand pressure. We voted for him and we are comfortable with his job so far where from his pressure on the man to quit his job. Have heard about Egypt and the other participating team asking their respective Federation heads to resign after failing to win the Nations Cup’’ he asked.

Parma however advised Ghanaians to exercise restraint and channel their grievances or lobby for delegates to vote against the FA Capo in 2019 at congress if they fail he doesn’t worth the GFA presidency again rather than calling for this unlawful act.

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