Yaw Boafo promises better legal services



Head of Legal Team of Asante Kotoko, Lawyer Yaw Boafo has assured that, he and the team he’s going to work with would give Kotoko the best of legal services in the fast-changing football environment.

He said, there were sensitive areas of club administration at Kotoko, which needed critical attention. The primary objective of his team would be to properly handle these areas.

“I think that, the challenges now are more internal” Lawyer Yaw Boafo stated in his lively interview with Head of Communications, Obed Achampong told the official club website.

“You have to understand that, with sponsorship, the commercial agreement that is binding on the club; that a breach of it can create a lot of problems for the club…

“You at times hear that sponsorships have been obtained and everybody is happy but if you don’t take care; if you don’t really peruse the agreement very well…The sponsorship deal may actually not be in the interest of the club. It will be inimical to the club’s interest” he said.

“The challenge facing myself and any legal team I’m going to work with, is more to make sure that the club gets proper legal advice in any endeavour and also make sure that, any agreement that we are party to – commercial agreements, player contracts, agreements with other clubs, third-party agreements are properly negotiated” he assured.

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